a narrowed focus

image property of mamu media, llc

image property of mamu media, llc

i have been quite busy since the new year of 2019 kicked off. i feel i’ve stretched myself quite thin. between attempting to keep up with graphic design clients, photography sessions, the short film burying mitchell as well as keeping family and house life going, i’ve hardly had time for sleep or a social life. you may notice the site looking a little different. i’m slashing graphics off of it and focusing on film & photo only for now.

currently i’m in the process of turning the short film that has taken over my life for almost 8 or 9 months now into a full length feature screenplay. i’m grateful for it but it definitely needs my attention. if you’re in need of graphics, i can recommend some great people. for now, my head is in a grave- er, mitchell’s grave.

p.s. i’m off to chicago again this weekend for a super duper undercover totally secret project. i am so excited. if you’re in chicago april 19-21 get a hold of me!

inside of a fish tank

swimming away aimlessly without thought: a pet fish, seemingly the one pet you can first entrust the care of to a child. low-maintenance, unassuming in their tank, and pleased with the synthetic mediocrity of its environment. food dribbles down from what it assumes is the threshold of it’s being.


the film touches greatly upon the theme of self-destruction. any human who has experienced depression in their life has been inside of the shimmer. i like to believe alex garland sees the shimmer as the place a person is when overwhelmed with feelings of isolation and dread. it is a space that confines you, scares you - but where the inner-workings are wondrous and beautiful. the old adage for artists is to use your feelings of existential dread as the fuel for your art. this could be one reason the shimmer is depicted as a place of undiscovered beauty while being the horrifying, crawling catalyst of everything that happens in the film - and what is ultimately happening is change.

and so the world spun

creatively stale is an apt description of my current lately as life has not been the most pleasant. i have learned a lot about how i handle hardship and it turns out my ways aren't the best. isolation from others and withholding stress doesn't do much but make it worse. and so the world spun.