and so the world spun

(three billboards in ebbing, mo spoilers are in the very last paragraph)

creatively stale is an apt description of my current lately as life has not been the most pleasant. i have learned a lot about how i handle hardship and it turns out my ways aren't the best. isolation from others and withholding stress doesn't do much but make it worse. and so the world spun.

i'm very fortunate to have found myself surrounded by friends and confidants during this time, whom without i would not have any handle on myself. they force me out and give me energy, ensuring i wasn't completely lost in the thick of personal crises. (thanks to all of you)

in january, hana smith & i were given the privilege of filming a folk ensemble called 'Into The Sun.' ( comprised of the wonderful humans that are Molly McLaughlin, David Agee, and Gordon Bearss. we all spent a day together in the diastole learning center as they performed. I've uploaded one of the products of that shoot below for your listening pleasure. (if you are at folk alliance international this weekend in Kansas City be sure to go catch them!)

hana and i continued our conceptual photography sessions in january. the photos became more risque this time around, with over six subjects coming in and standing in front of our cameras and lights. the photo attached is a result of this.

models: dahlby weidmaier & jess bongan makeup: nichole hobbs

models: dahlby weidmaier & jess bongan
makeup: nichole hobbs

i love how they both gaze into the camera and they kind of make a heart, good for the theme of today (valentine's day). there will be a lot more of these in the coming weeks, probably filed under 'conceptual' in photo. (new website categories as opposed to individual photos)

today has been a pleasant one. i spent the 8th valentine morning with chelsey and had some delicious lunch we cooked together. she is now at work and i'll be walking to pick my little guy up from school in about thirty minutes. tonight we will play with legos and craft mom a big old card to remind her how much we love her.  working the current out. and so the world spun.

p.s. - i hadn't watched a movie in a while, and caught three billboards outside ebbing, mo last night with hana. (spoilers inbound) it left me shook, nobody else had told me how intense of a film that was going to be. we both had to pause it about 45 minutes in when mildred visited the fat dentist and put a hole through his thumbnail. we were hurt so bad after watching that. brilliant film though, basically a vigilante origin story, right?