do i know you?

if you are reading this you probably know me on some personal level or at least see me on facebook from time to time. FB has been where a lot of my work goes to live and die, but its format isn't really conducive to how it should be presented. you can see a lot of my work on short films on - but that is a collective website, and again, isn't very suitable for displaying what will be here. so welcome!

i have been on a collaborative kick with photographer & filmmaker hana smith for the past two months. she production designed a proof of concept and we began shooting photographs together. the product of that which became the aptly-titled 'our monster;

we didn't have any real idea what we were doing when we took the first round of photos, using cut out strips of gel to play and experiment with different color schemes and literally lighting using smartphones, fog machines, and flashlights at 5am. the poetry came from figuring out unique combinations of both of our edits and we began to see a narrative play out.

last night, we had another impromptu photoshoot during some waiting time in between promotional photos for that proof of concept we worked on. instead of posing for each other, hana & i had lindsay and frank lillig, a married theater couple, get into some costumes and makeup provided by nichole hobbs, who also ended up modeling. the results are pretty fun, and we can't wait for you to see them. enjoy one of my favorite photos from the shoot in the meantime!


thanks for reading - reach out if you want to talk!