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Below are curated galleries of photos hand-picked from previous weddings my team and I have had the privilege of capturing. Click on ‘View Full Gallery’ beneath each slideshow in order to view our full collections of wedding photos.

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Taylor & Dustin

Taylor & Dustin’s wedding was held in a gorgeous venue in Greenwood, MO just outside of Lee’s Summit. They said ‘I do’ against a backdrop of flowing meadows.

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samantha & kyle

Samantha & Kyle brought their friends and family together in a countryside estate full of splendor to be married in. They entertained with games, dancing and drinking as the sun went down on their beautiful day with a vintage feel!

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Tia & Derrick

Tia & Derrick held an intimate ceremony with only their closest friends and family on the square in Independence. It featured a wall of donuts and a short ceremony so that they could go ziplining afterwards!

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Megan & William

Megan & William braved giant piles of snow and ice on their big day. The cold isn't so bad when you radiate the warmth & affection they do. Their smiles and class were reminiscent of Old Hollywood in the best ways.

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Bailey & Chandler

Bailey & Chandler had a beautiful wedding in Independence. We then travelled out to Wellington for the reception at an isolated winery that featured a gorgeous landscape, complete with grapevines and a lake.

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Julieta & Joshua

Julieta and Joshua hosted a beautiful ceremony and reception that had Samoan and Mexican cultural influences. Traditional dances were performed after the ceremony, one of the coolest things to bear witness to at a wedding!

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Amanda & Clark

Amanda & Clark’s wedding was held at a beautiful country location in Wyandotte County. The lake behind the castle-like venue provided some amazing sunlight reflection as sunset approached. The reception was a classic speech and dance routine.

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yohei & courtney

Yohei & Courtney’s wedding was an extravagant blend of cultures and families. Yohei flew family in from Japan while his American friends served to welcome them. Courtney’s family flew in from West Virginia and Costa Rica. A unique affair adorned with origami cranes hand-folded by the bride herself.

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Cheyenne & Michael

Cheyenne & Michael’s wedding was an intimate country affair. The people closest to them gathered on family land for an electric evening. Their ceremony was held at the end of a private road as the sun hung low in the sky. Afterwards, they held an amazing reception defined by bonfire and moonshine.

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Samantha & Josh

Samantha & Josh’s wedding was held at a beautiful lakeside resort in the heart of the Ozarks. A laidback party with beautiful decorations, Samantha & Josh wanted their closest friends and family with them for a simple ceremony set against a beautiful backdrop.

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jennifer & chris

Jennifer & Chris’ day was a vintage, rock and roll wedding, complete with motorcycles and The Ramones blasting over speakers. Taking place at the beautiful Bottle House venue in Kansas, these two lovers had a whirlwind wedding.

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Hillary & joe

Hillary & Joe’s wedding was a beautiful, modern event at Phosphor Studio in the heart of Kansas City. The unique venue setting made for some really interesting and neat photos I wouldn’t typically get to capture at a wedding.

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Sheena & jarod

Sheena & Jarod’s wedding was a sweet, serene celebration of their love. Simple in it’s execution yet elegant and airy, this couple knew exactly what they wanted from their big day which made capturing amazing photos all too easy.

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Leeanna & Austin

LeeAnna & Austin had a Catholic ceremony in a gorgeous Independence church. We then made our way to The Coterie in Blue Springs for a classic reception, filled with shoe games, dollar dances and speeches.

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Matt & eva

Matt & Eva’s wedding found their families and friends gathering at Californo’s in Westport where many of the same family members and friends worked at. A beautiful ceremony and reception defined by the legacies of dance and performance the bride and groom respectively created.

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