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restoring memories

For everyone fortunate enough to have made cherished memories in the form of old photographs stored in some dusty corner of their homes. My photography restoration service provides a fresh look on your most beloved moments past. 

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handling and process

We take your old photos in whatever form they may be in, and carefully remove each individual one with proper handling. They are scanned into the computer and from there your original photo is placed back into it's original container, be it scrapbook or bin. 

After the photographs are in the computer, they are edited and made to remove scratches, tears, dust, and weathering as best as possible. Once restored, the photos are delivered to you via a cloud service (Google Drive or Dropbox) and a disc or flash drive. Prints are available at an additional cost.


Please e-mail me@cameronlogancox.com or call at 816.863.2144 to get an estimate on your photo restorations today.